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Saddle Fitting

Due to every horse and rider combination being unique, to find the right saddle and achieve the optimum fit we first take time to understand your individual requirements, the direction you wish to take, your targets and ambitions and the subtle changes that can affect the success of the horse/rider partnership.

We therefore would like to discuss this with you so we can help you select the most appropriate saddle, rather than selling you something you may later regret

The fitting process is driven by horse comfort which encompasses saddle suitability and most crucially fit.

Our fitting services are fully mobile so Lizzy Bunting our SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter can come to your yard, attending your horse in familiar surroundings.

Whilst we endeavour to find the most suitable solution to the horses needs, variation in horse condition and fitness could affect its fit at any time in the future, therefore regular saddle checks must be made to monitor the horse and its condition.

We supply and fit British English brands Albion, Black Country Saddles, Ideal, Jeffries, Kent & Masters, Fairfax, Thorowgood and Wow. We have a small range of second hand saddles.

Every saddle fitting, whether we are checking your current saddle or you are potentially buying one, starts with your horse/pony's template and full history being taken.  This is best done in a clean stable or flat sheltered tie up area.

If you are buying a saddle we then check your current saddle statically to highlight any potential problems.

We then will try a selection of saddles on and anything which statically looks suitable you will be given the opportunity to ride on them.  Ideally this will be done in an arena but if one is not available, an enclosed flat field is preferable.  If you would like to jump in the saddle you must have already set up your jumps before the appointment.

We would advise you on the best fit after seeing you ride in walk, trot and canter on both reins. if this is not possible due to experience of horse or rider then a judgement on the fit is made.

When you have selected the saddle you wish to buy, you can purchase it at the time.  We have a mobile card machine or take cash.  If a saddle is selected and needs to be ordered, we take a minimum of the call out fee and a 50% deposit.  When the saddle arrives, we deliver the saddle to you, checking the fit statically and then you ride on it so that we can double check the fit and the balance is then paid.

We always recommend have a recheck after 3 months, as flocking can settle and the horse/pony's shape can change, then every 6 months thereafter.  All call outs are chargeable and up to you to arrange.

Call out fees in the local area start at £45 for a Monday - Friday appointment. If your yard is further away, a Saturday appointment or checking a Wow saddle this will be increased. If more than one Horse/pony is to be fitted on the same day at the same yard they are charged at £30 each.  Although we do not rush the appointments, as it can be a big decision and horses sometimes do take longer to settle, if the fit takes an excessive length of time you may be charged extra.

For a no obligation consultation please give me a call on 01642 777970, leave a message if I'm not available, I'll call you back.